Import Information:

Used Vehicle Import Regulations
Shipping Destination ports: Roseau
Age Restriction: No year restriction
Roadworthiness Inspection: No inspection required.
Import Taxes Rates:
Import Duty- 40% of the customs value
Customs Service Charge (CSC) – 3% of the customs value.
Environmental Surcharges- $3,000.00 per unit on motor vehicles manufactured five years or more, otherwise for the $3,000.00 substitute 1% of the customs value for vehicles manufactured less than five years.
Excise Tax- 28% of the customs value plus the import duty plus the customs service charge.
*Exemption is given on vehicles purchased by Diplomats.
Value Added Tax (VAT) – 15% on customs value plus import duty plus customs service charge plus the excise tax.

Shipping Agent:

Arrival date is subject to change due. Please contact the shipping agent in your area for the final confirmation.

Shipping Agent Information
Port Name: Shipping Company: Agent Name: Phone Number: Email:
ROSEAU MOL A.C.Shilllingford & Co.,Ltd. 1-767-44-82481



Clearing Agent:

When importing used cars from Japan, clearing agent support is available to you. Our preferred clearing agent will support you with paperwork, custom clearance, local delivery and registration in your country.

Clearing Agent Information
Port Name: Agent Name: Phone Number: Email:
ROSEAU Gateway Solutions 1-767-225-6138


* Note: Information above is subject to change. We strongly advise you contact local clearing agents of your choice for updates and more details, before you order your vehicle.