Dear visitor, hello and welcome to the website of our small but comfortable company! Perhaps you were here by accident, or it may be your second or even third time here looking at our website but either way,  we are very excited and grateful for your presence.


We are called JDM, which stands for Japanese Domestic Market. Why? Let us explain it to you. As you may know, Japan is associated with high cultural values ​​and quality standards in all its forms, respect and kindness, as well as carefulness to pay attention to small details. This has made a good reputation for the country ,and, ultimately, the phrase “Made in Japan”  a brand. Our company initially worked in the auto business only in Japan. Our business entailed auto tuning, car sales, repair, after sales service including maintenance service and much more. Just like so many other countries in the world, having personal and friendly relations with other companies plays a significantly important role in business in Japan. It is like being a member of one big family. It is not hard to see people in Japan kindly take care of each other. In this kind of culture, we have built good relationships with import and export companies as well as so many other companies related to auto business. As we have worked with them while supporting each other, we gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the auto business in Japan. Even today we are still trying to improve ourselves as a company in Japanese Domestic Market.


This site jdmcorp.jp is run by JDM Co., Ltd. which recently launched an export division to work with countries around the world. We have worked with regions like Europe, Asia, Pacific, Middle East, United States, Canada, South America and Caribbean.

Jdmcorp.jp was made to sell and export cars to global customers who are looking for a Japanese quality used vehicles and someone who supports the process. There is no doubt that Japanese cars are very popular all over the world today thanks to their high quality standards the country adopts. For example, there is a Japanese unique maintenance system called SHAKEN which keeps Japanese cars in a good condition for a long time. SHAKEN is a car inspection and maintenance imposed on all vehicles with 250cc engine displacement or more and it is done every two year to maintain safety and to check if vehicles are not illegally modified. Criterias for SHAKEN are very high that vehicles are thoroughly scrutinized by inspectores and repaired if necessary. Moreover, just like a Japanese word “AISHA” ( meaning one’s beloved car) exemplifies, Japanese people usually take very good care of theirs cars while they own them. The strict regulation and Japanese culture of caring have enabled the popularity of Japanese cars to stand out in the global market and pushed it even higher, which consequently leads to a high demand in global market and that is exactly why thousands of cars are being exported every day. Therefore there are millions of export companies and agencies out there throughout Japan to support customers who trying to import Japanese vehicles.